Rock Steady

www.leichic.comIt’s 7:55 a.m., you just woke up, and you’ve got a conference call at 8. You reach for the closet and quickly realize you forgot to hit the dry cleaners, so a pair of sweatpants and yesterday's rumpled suit is all you have clean. Then the morning takes a turn for the worst: a flashback to being dumped via Twitter last night.

Day starting out rocky? Roll with it and deck yourself out with some Modern Philosophy jewelry, designed with the karma-challenged in mind.

Inspired by Buddhist teachings, Maui-native Lisa Gouveia selects the semi-precious stones in her designs for their specific energies.
Coil on the triple-wrap leather bracelet woven with green and gold-dipped aventurine stones. Known for their soothing properties, these jade-colored beauties are said to posses the energy to neutralize negativity and even heal a broken heart. (So you can cyber-stalk that tweet-dumping jerk with lots of good, positive vibes.)

Or, slip on the garnet bar necklace, a delicate gold chain neatly strung with a row of faceted red nugget beads. Believed to boost self-esteem and bring its wearer success in business, it'll provide
the perfect pop to your neckline—or at the very least distract from your outfit redeux and lovely Happy Hour perfume.

Every piece in the harmonic line, which also includes wire-wrapped chunky stone necklaces and dainty freshwater pearl rings, is just at home with a professional look as with a pair of jeans.

So you can keep rocking and rolling all night.
And still make it through the next day.

Select pieces available at The Butik, 1067 Kapiolani Blvd., Honolulu, 808.593.4484 and at Modern Philosophy's Etsy shop. For more info, or to view the full collection visit