Road Rave

Lei Chic Summer vacation is over – that painful fact became apparent once you got on the road and hit a bumper crop of back-to-school drivers all moving school zone slow.

You tried to cruise control your temper with your favorite radio station but “still slow everywhere” traffic reports kept cutting you off every ten minutes (just like that solo driver who kept going in and out of the car pool lane.)

To help you get your mind off the gridlock , we turned to djKSM for 10 tunes that’ll restore your own Summer brake – at least in your car.

“You Don’t Know What Love Is” – 2000F & JKamata

“For Your Money” – Daniel Merriweather

“CMYK” – James Blake

“Lady Luck” – Jamie Woon

“Summer Sun” – Koop

“Italian Summer” – Niquid

“Edge Off” – Redinho

“Embody” – Sebastian

“Solitude is Bliss” – Tame Impala

“Crystalised (Dark Sky remix)” – The xx

Download the entire playlist off of YouTube here.
You can grab more of DJksm's mixes off of iTunes starting next month or catch him in person First Friday, Sept. 2 at the Red Elephant Cafe & Gallery or at Bar35 Saturday, Sept. 3.

Lei Chic also tapped into KSSK personality Kathy with a K and mixmasters The Hot Muffins for their picks. Watch for Byron the Fur’s picks just in time for your Labor Day Weekend.