Rise of the Silver Soaper


Lately your once humble beauty supply has become an arsenal rivaling Saddam’s WMD stockpile (oh wait, he didn’t have any!).

Time to surrender your hoard and adopt one powerful weapon— Cor Silver Soap. In just one step, this nano-silver and silica bar removes makeup; evens skin tone; reduces the appearance of sunspots, pores and aging; maintains natural moisture, and protects from the sun with an imperceptible film that leaves your face feeling clean and silky soft. Just apply the tingling lather, wait, rinse and go— and the bar lasts six to nine months.

The crucial component is silver — an antibacterial healing agent used in hospitals to speed cell repair — drawn into the skin along with four types of collagen, natural fiber, silk protein and vitamins. Closer to your skin’s pH than any other cleanser, it truly fits all types, from delicate to acne-troubled.

 If you’ve already adopted silver’s rejuvenating effects, look for three new Cor products in August— a Silver Anytime Moisturizer, Wrinkle Serum, and Eye Cream. And if you need convincing, Cor’s founder will be in town Friday to explain the benefits, answer questions, and discount bars 20 percent.

So you’ll know how to start making love to your skin.

Not war.

Cor Soap is available online and at The Place , Ward Warehouse next to Le Lotus Bleu, 808.593.7522. Presentation and Q&A with Cor's founder at The Place, August 1 from 2-5 p.m.