Reversible, Custom-Made Swimwear from Blithe Bikinis

Can we just say “hot”?


We don’t have to map it out for you. Here at Lei Chic, all roads lead to the beach, which means, in other words, bikinis. And the gal we’d choose to head up our road trip to chic? Cortney Thomas, owner of Blithe Bikinis.

This road warrior has a real drive for style and knows all about following the path to cute swimwear, thanks to her experience as the former owner of mobile fashion boutique, Sealove. Thomas, who also owns a wedding planning company, did a reroute earlier this year, selling Sealove and focusing on her passion project: designing a collection of sexy, versatile swimwear.

Enter Blithe Bikinis, Thomas’ way of staying in the fashion game, flexing her trend-setting muscles and keeping her creative side happy. In her time with Sealove, she saw that ladies were more and more interested in switching up their suit styles with the seasons, which meant every few months there was a flock of fashionistas hungry for something new. Since Blithe Bikinis’ launch in February, Thomas has gone with what she likes to call a “coastal chic” feel for her designs, with a fun mix of tried-and-true, traditional looks (we love her classic monochrome bandeau top) and edgier pieces (plunging neckline maillots, anyone?). You’ll love the mileage you can get out of her eclectic mix of wild prints, such as Moroccan-inspired abstracts or romantic Monet-esque florals, and vibrant solid shades, including olive green and peacock blue that are to die for.

Plus, each suit is made to order, so you can customize your beach-style success with fun details such as sheer panels, strappy accents and lace inserts.

Shoreside chic just went from zero to 60.

$39.50–$79, at the Blithe Bikinis Etsy shop.