Remembering Rap: What Rap Reiplinger Lines Made You Laugh the Most?

Test yourself while remembering a favorite Hawai‘i comedian.
Rap shaka
Photo: Richard Ma


Comedian Rap Reiplinger became famous in the 1970s in Honolulu with a mix of irreverent stand-up, witty sketches about local life and theatrical flair.


Even though he died in 1984, his humor lives on in our local lexicon and through many recordings, some being re-released to coincide with a new biography about Reiplinger, written by his widow, journalist Leesa Clark Stone.


HONOLULU Magazine got an exclusive first look at the book, Paradise to Paradise: The Rap Reiplinger Story, along with an interview with Stone, for our May issue. We share a lighthearted quiz of 10 questions in the magazine. For those ready to further test their Rap knowledge, here are nine more questions:


  1. Mr. Fogerty tries to get his dinner delivered to his room in “Room Service,” can you list his whole order?

  2. What is the name of the Room Service Lady’s co-worker who is preparing the food?

  3. Because of that scene, any local man with that name has spent his life being asked what question?

  4. When Auntie Marialani’s cooks chicken on her TV show, how does she describe the wine?

  5. In “Hawaiian Space Program,” who provided the voice of Mission Control in Kalihi and what does he ask astronaut Dwayne Cabral to do for him?

  6. In the song “Fate Yanagi,” what two requests does the ill-fated surfer make of Fate?

  7. In “On the Beach,” a local man working at a beach concession can provide every item the tourist asks for at what cost?

  8. In a limerick on the “Towed Away” album, burglars from Ka‘a‘awa “got lost in the dark and missed their mark.” Where did they mistakenly break in?

  9. In “Pull Over,” the police officer cites the driver for 18 traffic violations until the man claims to share what with the officer?


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