Release Yourself

These promoters give kamaaina a reason to stay up late on Kauai.

Photo: Brandon Ching/Courtesy of F&M Present

It’s hard to believe there’s a club tucked away at the edge of the Sheraton Kauai Resort that could rival Honolulu’s best. Since 2007, promoters F&M Present have been stirring up Kauai’s nightlife scene by turning The Point—a restaurant by day—into Release, a club, on Friday nights.

The expansive room feels much like a lodge you would see in Aspen, with vaulted, wood-exposed ceilings, wood flooring and wooden furniture—though, the canoe hanging from the ceiling and the view of the waves crashing onto Poipu Beach less than 20 feet away will bring you back to reality. Yes, this is Kauai. Yes, there are flashing lights and go-go dancers. And, yes, there is a bar still serving alcohol in Koloa past 11 p.m. on a Friday night.

Sheraton Kauai Resort’s group sales account director, Lauren Rawlins, was the first to approach F&M Present. “I was familiar with their work from the Hanohano Room,” she says, “so it was a no brainer.”

F&M promoter Flash Hansen insisted on flying the group’s own staff over for the events, saying, “we are very brand conscious.”  By flying staff over, they are able to give Kauai the best talent that the state of Hawaii has to offer, he says. 

The Honolulu influence is obvious, with locals trading in their shorts and slippers for dressier attire, and they “will even take the hour drive from the North Shore to spend the night dancing away,” says Rawlins. It gives other kamaaina a reason to fly over and stay for a weekend and it gives visitors and locals alike a club experience like no other in Hawaii.

Release every Friday night, 9 p.m. to 2 a.m., 21+, $5 cover before 10 p.m. For more nightlife, check out “The Hitt List.”

 UPDATE 6/22/09: Since this has been written, F&M will be ending Release.  The last date will be July 3.