Relax on These Picture-Perfect Pillow Cases from Matt Bruening

Sweet dreams are made of these.


Ladies and gentlemen, I HAVE A DREAM …


Oh wait, no we don’t, because we’ve been losing sleep over our seriously chic-deprived sack. Snoozing on such prosaic pillows and stodgy spreads has been leaving us feeling spiritually short-sheeted, so the Sandman’s been giving us a wide berth. Time to bust out the stock of heavy-duty dream-catchers.


Or we could bedeck our bunk with a dose of these stylish new designs from Matt Bruening’s collection of photography pillowcases. Always the maven for edgy, urban-meets-equatorial fashion, Bruening’s putting his Island aesthetic to bed with pillowcases inspired by underwater seascapes and tropical getaways, AKA the stuff of dreams. He released the first design last year, which sported a printed underwater pic of a lovely, sun-dappled sea bed so relaxing we could snooze on it. Perfect, right?


Just last month, Bruening debuted two new cases: the first, an underwater West-Side-set mermaid scene among fishes (just kidding, they’re fin-sporting humans, but you get the vibe) that’s got a seriously ethereal feel. The second is a black-and-white print of swaying palm silhouettes taken in Waikīkī. (Psst: with an iPhone!) Both have a serene, surreal tone that’s, dare we say, downright dream-like?


Soft cotton makes for some sweet snoozing on these 20-by-30-inch standard cases. Get ‘em on their own or snag a deal by buying in pairs. You could sleep on it, but we figure you wouldn’t mind saving a little mattress money.


Plus, you know what they say about snoozing and losing.


$42 for one, $82 for two,