Reinventing the Eel
The zeros at the end of your paycheck. The half-parking space you squeezed into on the 20th try. The two-sizes-too-small jeans you crammed yourself into only to have your muffin top spilleth over.

Listen up ladies, size matters.

Case in point? The new Fighting Eel flagship store.

Sure, you loved their old Hotel Street spot, with the intimacy of shopping mere feet from where your dress was designed; but with their inventory steadily growing, it was hard to deny that Fighting Eel had become a big fish in a small pond.
So they ditched the death-defyingly steep staircase and blink-and-miss it entrance of their former location for a new space that is unquestionably the stuff that retail dreams are made of. For the first time, Fighting Eel can showcase their entire line in their own store.

Their light and airy new boutique on the corner of Bethel and Pauahi has hardwood floors and is double the size of their previous digs — meaning there’s many more racks of the fashion-forward yet tropics-friendly dresses you love.

Plus, they’ve decked out the store with myriad new squeal-worthy accessory lines. Neatly tucked around the store you’ll find large multi-shelf accessory tables brimming with items like Cirque Leather belts, luxe leather handbags from Christopher Kon, and jewelry from designers like Katrina Cordova. There’s even a bridal salon for consultations on made-to-measure bridal and bridal party gowns.

Buy and large it’s the best thing to happen to your closet in a long, long time.

Fighting Eel flagship store, 1133 Bethel St., Honolulu. 808.524.1472. More info here.