Jim Scott, president of Punahou School, recommends Kaulupono by Ale’a,
“a fresh, young, talented trio that has been together since its Kamehameha
School days. They play a combination of old Island favorites and original
songs. The lead singer has a fabulous falsetto voice. I have been giving
their CD to Mainland guests as well as my family members who live on the
Mainland.” Tropical Music, 2004.



Val T. Iwashita, headmaster at ‘Iolani School, recommends Reading Lolita in Tehran, by Azar Nafisi. “[The] story is a poignant testament to her love for teaching and learning, the value of freedom, the virtue of individuality and the power of ideas. A must read for anyone who wants to rekindle their appreciation of how literature expands and enriches our lives.” Random House, 2003.



“The music [in Madagascar] took me back to a younger place,” says Betsey
Gunderson, principal of Maryknoll School, high school division. The computer-animated
film follows Marty, a zebra voiced by Chris Rock, and three zoo animals
on their accidental journey from New York’s Central Park Zoo to the island
of Madagascar. “I especially [liked] when the zebra walked down the sidewalk
to the beat of ‘Staying Alive,'” Gunderson says.