Raw, Boho Gems and Jewelry from Umibōzu

Earth children, rejoice. These baubles will rock your world.


This classic jam.
This perfect way to enjoy the great outdoors.
These hilarious faux first drafts (because everything sucks the first time around).


You like it rough, whether it’s “Rough Justice,” roughing it or rough drafts. You sneer at the idea of things going smoothly because you’re all about edge. In fact, this new sleek trend has really been grating on you, and you’d rather accessorize with something that can keep up with your hardcore sense of style. Thanks to the new fall collection from local brand Umibōzu, we have just what you’re looking for.


Hawai‘i-raised Alexa Rae Coughlin and Alix Mieko Camp create their handmade jewelry pieces as a sort of metaphysical armor, designed to complement the female body. The designers were inspired by the myth of the umibōzu, a Japanese sea spirit that has been known to drag anyone who speaks to it beneath the waves, except for one bold sailor who, when faced with the creature, said he finds nothing as terrifying as trying to make his way in the world—and was spared. The designers consider their jewelry vehicles for the umibōzu, making the pieces “armor” for those who wear them. They also base their work on a spiritual, sustainable ethic that includes sourcing fair-trade stones that exhibit remarkable natural clarity and strength. In the collection, you’ll find quartz, amethyst, tourmaline and zircon, along with rustic-looking statement geodes and rocks strung or wired onto recycled copper or silver.


The environmental approach taken to materials isn’t the only thing that sets these rugged adornments apart. Umibōzu’s organic aesthetic includes chunky stones and raw-looking gems that evoke boho vibes: Think cloudy white, deep violets and mesmerizing greens, with an ombre range of natural shades and tones. Each craggy square or slice has its own unique shape and is affixed to its chain or ring setting with metal bands that give it a jagged, industrial, too-cool feel.


That’s what we call tough love.


$30–$200, umibozu.com.


Photos by Alexa Coughlin. Model: Moment Lu.