Raising Keiki in Hawai‘i in COVID-19

Families share what it’s like to raise children during the coronavirus pandemic on Oʻahu.

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My Kids Can’t Hug Me When I Come Home From Work

As an essential worker during the pandemic, I am a mama bear to the infinite power.

Photo: Courtesy of Cristy Saycon

My Newborn Was in a Hawai‘i Intensive Care Unit

I gave birth to my son when his uncle was admitted to the hospital for COVID-19.

Photo: Courtesy of Kathlyn Clore

I Survived Middle East Riots and Food Shortages, so I was Prepared for Hawaiʻi’s Lockdown

As a military mom, I say if the Qataris can fly in 5,000 cows from Germany to ensure they have milk, Oʻahu can conquer any challenge.

Photo: By Suzanne Sasaki

Suzanne Sasaki stays focused on work while her tweens and teens play at home during the lockdown.

We are Parents With Home-Based Businesses and We Were Ready to Lock Down (Sort Of)

Emotional bank accounts and big balloon breaths, plus other tips from us and other parents who run home-based businesses.

Photo: Courtesy of Faye Lee

Seven members of this close-knit family live together during the coronavirus pandemic.

Four Generations Live Under One Roof and I Am the Great-Grandmother

Masks, mail carriers and morning meetings keep us together during the pandemic.

Photo: Courtesy of Tania Morimoto

Tania’s husband and children caught this big fish (ulua) after schools closed in March.

I Feed My Kids Spinach For Breakfast To Boost Their Immune Systems

I’m a nurse practitioner who is teaching my kids how to put their health first. Plus, a green smoothie recipe my kids love and a DIY template for face mask holders.

Photo: Courtesy of Mavis

My Daughter Wears Superhero Costumes in Free Meal Lines

As a former victim of domestic violence, I’m teaching my daughter to stay strong in the pandemic.