Quick Studies: Quick Stars Tutoring Celebrates its 10th Anniversary

Locally owned business marks a milestone in teaching Hawaii kids with a special offer for families


In 2004, Quick Stars Tutoring started with an ad on a bulletin board and a desire to help local students get ahead. Ten years later, the locally owned business has certainly grown in size, but owner Tracy Lee says one thing definitely has not changed: Quick Stars is still a grass roots business with a huge heart for its clients.

That heart is evident when Lee talks about the hundreds of students, from preschoolers to college students, who have walked through her doors.

“The best part about owning Quick Stars is seeing young lives change for the better,” she says. “That may sound cliché, but it is truly heartwarming to see students who are 2-3 years behind academically catch up to grade level standards and even exceed expectations.”

“When I think about my students, I have to smile; they all have their individual quirks but are so great to work with,” Lee says. “I am blessed to be part of the lives of every one of these treasured students.”

Getting personal is a key part of Quick Stars tutoring process. Lee is a Punahou School, Claremont McKenna College and University of Hawaii graduate. She drew on her years of experience at local and mainland tutoring companies, as well as years of research and development, to build teaching techniques unique to her company. Tutors create individualized programs that mix fun, encouragement and building self-esteem with a strong, clear communicative teaching style. For example, students receive prize or reward incentives for progress. The result? Kids want to learn instead of feel like they’re being forced.

“One of the most common testimonials we get is, ‘My child is so much more confident since he started tutoring,’” Lee says. “In the beginning years, I used to be surprised when parents would notice a big improvement after just a few sessions. Now, after 10 years, it is so common that I’m no longer surprised, but still excited to hear that good news.”

Even when tutoring ends, Quick Stars likes to keep in touch with families. Lee has hundreds of success stories but says her favorites are those that come from parents six to seven years after the program ends, telling her how well their kids continue to do.

“I can recall Annika, who we had when she was in 5th grade. She was struggling, two years behind in reading and writing levels. Within a six-month time period, she caught up to grade level standards. Despite being diagnosed with Asperger’s autism … Annika is now a senior at a prestigious college preparatory school with a 3.6 GPA and she is taking advanced placement classes.”

“I can’t wait for the day when a prominent doctor or an acclaimed business owner contacts me and remembers his or her days at Quick Stars Tutoring. I will probably cry!”

This is just the beginning. Lee hopes to expand to other locations across Oahu to offer affordable tutoring for all students, preschool to college and even home-school students, in all subjects to more families. Quick Stars is looking forward to another 10 years.

“I attribute the success of Quick Stars to the hundreds of supportive, accountable and engaged parents that I have worked closely with to ultimately reach the goals set for their children.” Lee says. “I really have the best clients I could ask for.”

Quick Stars Tutoring is celebrating its anniversary with a special for new clients–10 percent off services through January 31, 2015. Learn more about Quick Stars Tutoring through its website, quickstarstutoring.com. Or call 375-5244.


Here are more testimonials from Quick Stars clients.

 “Quick Stars prepared Maika for the rigorous private school entrance exams. His preschool teacher stated that he was the only student she had in 31 years that aced the Early Childhood Education Assessment. We always recommend Quick Stars to everyone we know!” — Mat, Parent of Maika who was accepted into Punahou and Kamehameha schools.

Mariah is much more confident and proud of herself. She can read so much better than she could three months ago. When she started Quick Stars, she was a 5th grader reading at a 2nd grade level. Because her reading wasn’t at grade level, it made her feel inferior to her classmates. Now, she loves to tell everyone what book she is reading and how she loves to read. I can’t tell you how much her attitude towards school and learning has changed. She knows she can do it, and with help from her tutors at Quick Stars, she is so happy! — Alicia, parent of Mariah who raised her reading skills two grade levels.

“I was offered a five-year, full-ride scholarship for volleyball at University of Nevada and thought I was set. I then found out that I didn’t meet the minimum GPA and SAT scores. Luckily, I found Quick Stars. SAT prep boosted my scores and raised my grades. The skills I learned helped me in college and led to my winning an academic award and making WAC first team. Thank you, Quick Stars!”

–Kylie, University of Nevada graduate