Quick or Treat

You refused to dust off the french maid uniform or groom your old sex kitten outfit.

Now it's Halloween and you have just hours to come up with a look that gets you into the spirits of things.

We gathered up a bunch of office staples to come up with costumes you can create on your lunch break.

Lei ChicFly Girl

With a name like Angry Birds (and the fact that you are now incognito) you can feel free to ruffle some feathers around the watercooler.

Supplies Needed: A color printer, our Angry Birds face image, blue posterboard, sunglasses, tape, a glove from the office first aid kit.

Lei ChicRoyal Hat Trick

Do you remember what dress Princess Beatrice wore to the royal wedding? Exactly. Use her Use her hideous hat fashion faux pas to distract from your non-Halloween outfit. Bonus points if you add smudged black liner for the Princess's special raccoon look.

Supplies Needed: A paper plate (cut out the middle and fold up to form the oval), manila folder, pink paper, tape, a black sharpie.

Lei Chic Target Audience

Make those Missoni-hogging shoppers feel bad as a victim of the collab-crazed mob at Target this past September. Maybe someone will take pity on your chevron-run over style and toss you a spare Missoni pencil to take home.

Supplies Needed: Paper for the shoe prints, tape, a downloadable Missoni print, color printer.

Lei Chic The Real Lohan Down

Lindsay in an orange jumpsuit has been done to death. Freshen up this always topical (thanks to the actress's noncompliance with the law) look with paper clip handcuffs and a new community service-centered mugshot sign.

Supplies Needed: Paper Clips for the handcuffs and neck chain, our mugshot sign print out, a sheet protector.

Lei ChicHalf-Glass It

Show your co-workers you're going all gin this year with a look guaranteed to shake things up (that is, unless you prefer it stirred).

Supplies Needed: Manila folders to create the glass, green file folders and a red pen for the olive, red coffee stirrers from the break room, a sheet protector to create that glassy look.

Lei ChicPaper Route

You're blonde, beautiful, and have a plethora of Post-its so whip up your own version of Romy and Michele's dream dresses that just graced the cover of Entertainment Weekly. A warning: grab the largest Post-its or you may need to take the day off to finish covering your outfit.

Supplies Needed: Post-its, hot glue gun.

Lei ChicGive it a Sway Now

Hula girl outfit – tacky. That is, unless you prove you prove you're just scratching a kitsch with a stiff ensemble reminiscent of dashboard dolls.

Supplies Needed: Green hanging file folders, colored paper folded and inserted into sheet protectors (to keep your top from falling apart), tape, a winning smile.