Putting on the Blitz

www.leichic.comYou know lots of things. Like where to find half-price designer shoes and exactly how many calories are in a snack size package of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos.

Sadly, the intricacies of football are not on said list of things.

Worst of all, your latest man crush just invited you over to watch Sunday’s big game with him and his pigskin-obsessed buddies.

Sounds like you need a new game plan. We asked Chris Hart, the program director at ESPN 1420, to give us five football phrases that will make you sound like you really know your stuff. Get your end zone dance ready; these will score you points galore.

1 – Before the game starts – turn to others in the room and say: “I think these teams are evenly matched.  It’s really going to come down to special teams.”

2 – When the Quarterback throws the ball between two defenders, and his receiver snags it – “Wow, he really threaded the needle on that pass!”

3 – When the offensive team (the one with the ball) is gaining yards just by running with it – “The Packers (or) Steelers (whichever is the defending team) need to load the box and stop the run!”

4 – Or if the offensive team isn't getting anywhere – “They need to send their wideouts on a go route and score right here.” (Careful, this is not to be used when the offensive team is on the 30 yard line or closer to the goal they're trying to get to.)

5 – If the quarterback throws a long pass, and his guy catches it – “Man, that guy’s got a cannon…”

Sprinkle these throughout your Sunday. And don't worry, if you run out of quarterback ready quotes, you can always comment on those Superbowl commercials! So study up and prepare for victory, if only by the pigskin of your teeth.

For extra credit, pack on the trivia about each team vying for the title in Texas. The Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers each have their own bragging pages for you to peruse.