Put Your Kanu Where Your Mouth Is

www.leichic.comLadies and gentlemen, we are gathered here today to witness the signing up of Lei Chic to the Kanu Hawai‘i community.

This ceremony will cement an island-style, online social networking relationship centered on creating a more tolerant and sustainable vision of Hawai‘i, committing to 100 percent doable personal change, and then leading by example.

Lei Chic, will you commit to at least one challenging personal commitment, such as recycling as much as possible, driving at a respectable distance behind the car in front of you, using a reusable mug instead of paper cups and a reusable shopping bag for all purchases; and picking up rubbish on the beach when you see it?

LC: I will.

Kanu, will you always be there for Lei Chic, providing free access to a community of individuals and groups who share the same commitments, who want to create a better Hawai‘i, and who believe that by standing together our small individual actions will make a big impact?

KH: I will be there 24 hours a day.

Then, I hereby connect these two entities in membership so that together with other members, they can walk the talk, and make themselves and our islands just a little bit better.

You may check out Lei Chic’s Kanu kuleana here.

Then have your own commitment ceremony.

Kanu Hawai‘i is online at www.kanuhawaii.org