Purse-onal Space


L.C.: Aloha, my name is L.C., and I’m a purseoholic.

Group: Aloha L.C.

L.C.: I use a different bag every day. I tried going without on weekends—hoping to cut down. But then, last Saturday I changed my purse five times (sniff) …and kept forgetting something in the previous bag. Like my cell, right when my boyfriend was supposed to call. Then, my purse hook, and…(whispering) I had to put my new Coach bag down—on the floor.


www.leichic.comGroup: (gasp) No!

L.C.: I need help.

Group Leader: The first step is admitting the problem.

The second is coping with your addiction by using Honolulu’s Plaid Purse Organizer. It looks like a mini handbag and comes in subtle dark colors or Hawaiian flower print. Just slide your must-have accessories in compact slots and flap pockets, and in the middle there’s room for a book, wrap, or water bottle.

When you must change purses, just pick up the organizer from one and drop it into the next. One size fits most, a smaller version is perfect for clutches, and a larger tote bag size hits Hawai‘i mid-March.

L.C.: That’s amazing! But what if I become a bag organizer-oholic?

Group: Don’t worry—we’ve got a group for that, too.

Available at Shasa Emporium in Kahala Mall, and online at www.theplaidpurse.com