Pure Jean-ius

Nothing gives you the blues like splurging on a hot bag or pair of shoes that you end up wearing exactly once.  If you’re going to go all out, you want something you'll get your money’s worth for. Something you'll wear every day.  

Like a pair of jeans that fit you like a glove, and look great at work and out at night.  

So get your ‘okole over to the brand new denim boutique Aloha De Nime. It’s the second half of Tiffany Tanaka’s former Queens boutique space on Queen Street – the Fresh Cafe coffee shop half has been attracting buzz for a couple months.  

Tanaka searched far and wide to stock her shop with new denim lines that aren’t available anywhere else in Hawai‘i. You’ll find brands like Sugarcane, which is made from denim woven with actual sugarcane fibers; Naked & Famous, a Canadian brand made from Japanese denim; and Nudie, a line that wears in and ages so that the jeans fit your body, and only your body. 

Tanaka also unveils the store’s own line of items made from vintage aloha wear – but not your typical jersey sundresses with aloha print trim. She created modern, unexpected items, like little aloha shorts and pencil skirts, plus a mini collection of T-shirts with denim accents.  

The boutique officially opens Monday, but you can get a sneak peek – and first dibs on sizes and styles – at the grand opening party Sunday night.

And if you have to shop all night, fine. You’ll find the perfect pair – by any jeans necessary.

Aloha De Nime, 831 Queen Street. Grand opening party is Sunday night from 6 to 10 p.m. Anyone can attend but RSVP is required by emailing grandopening@alohadenime.com