Pualani Soap’s Locally Made, Gold Lip Glosses

Your smile’s about to sparkle.

Don’t give us that dry smile. Oh, you're not making a sarcastic face, you’re just suffering from a dehydrated kisser? We've got just the thing to keep your lips moisturized and good as gold, namely the pretty, new, shimmery lip balm sticks from Pualani Soap.


Pualani Soap Lip Balm Sticks
Photos: Courtesy of Pualani Soap


Pualani Soap’s lip sticks, which act more as conditioning balms for your lips rather than just a smear of lip gloss, are whipped up by owner Aoi Kawano with creamy beeswax from a local honey company. She uses pure essential oils, including macadamia and kukui, with mica added for the beautifully tinted deep-red to light-blush shades. The healing, gentle products are life-savers for some of Kawano’s customers who suffer from allergies, ultra-chapped lips, and sensitivities to artificial scents and colors. They're also long-lasting, with castor oil to give your lips a glossy look, healing aloe vera, and even sources for all-natural sun protection (coconut oil and beeswax). We’re wild to try the tangerine scent, but refreshing lemon, rich chocolate mint, spicy cinnamon, soothing lavender, creamy coconut and tangy peppermint also pop up on the roster.


Pualani Soap Lip Balm Sticks


But what's really put a sparkle in our eyes? Last month, Kawano launched her new shimmery balm to really make your pucker stand out. She kept true to her all-natural recipe, using grapefruit-seed extract and vitamin E, jojoba oil, macadamia oil, coconut oil and cocoa butter. Peppermint and lemon essential oils are blended for an extra-fresh scent. Instead of the go-to pink hue, Kawano went for something a little different, sourcing ground natural golden mica, which adds a gentle, soft shimmer to the wearer’s now-moisturized lips. It’s just the thing for low-maintenance, sun-bronzed Hawai‘i babes to subtly perk up their puckers, while infusing a dose of moisture.


Pualani Soap Lip Balm Sticks


Talk about a seriously bright smile, right?


$5, pualanisoap.com


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