Prince of Tieds

Lei Chic When you tie one on things tend to get a little trippy.

Exhibit A – $4 Martini pau hana– you fell while wrapping yourself around the cute guy from accounting.
Exhibit B – Shots at the nightclub – you broke a heel getting knotty on the dance floor.
Exhibit C – Mimosas during bikini brunch – you took a tumble trying to catch the attention of a strapping young bartender.

When the drinks start flying, you need a comfortable pair of “go with everything” sandals to make sure your feet stay firmly on the ground.

Lei Chic Switch it up with locally-designed Joli footwear. The new convertible sandal allows you to create several different looks with a wardrobe of interchangeable straps and accessories.

You start with a slipper-like rubber sole with three loops. Thread a pair of straps through the loops and tie around your ankle for a simple thong sandal. You can wrap the stretchy spandex blend up around your calf for a gladiator look that will stay put, thread them through a selection of beads and buckles for a t-strap effect, or replace them with colorful sock for an open-toed bootie.

Lei Chic The machine washable straps are available in more than 20 different colors and patterns. The accessories range from casual shells to dressier rhinestone clips.

So you can make sure you’re comfortable without letting your look fall flat.

Now that’s a new way to step up your style.

JodiSoles are priced at about $40 for a basic set of soles, straps, and an accessory. Additional items range from $5 – $25.

It is available at the Island Multi-Wear Sandals kiosk in Ala Moana Center near Victoria’s Secret, Michaela Boutique at the Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort, Ronel Boutique at the Hilton Hawaiian Village, or click here for more information on JoliSole's website.