Pretty Pretty, Bang Bang

Lei Chic
First date countown: You’ve shaved, showered and hydrated every inch of your skin. You’ve painted your nails, lightly spritzed yourself with perfume and selected an outfit that straddles the “I’m hot but don’t need to flaunt it” line perfectly.

And now, the clutch moment.

Time to complete your look with the perfect purse — a task easier said than done. A simple, solid color? Total snoozefest. Your gold lamé and leopard print number? You do want a second date, don't you? And anything too designer lablely will just scream high-maintenace.

Seal your appeal with a one-of-a-kind clutch from Lanai-based designer Cory Labang. Sewn by Labang herself out of vintage and repurposed thrift store fabrics, each is totally unique. Available in a range of sassy styles and funky prints, the bags feature an abundance of handy interior pockets and cute details, like tassels for zipper pulls, contrasting interior linings and playful pompom trims.

Grab hold of the Petal Pusher, an envelope style made of a 60s orange and pink daisy print fabric. Or, opt for the Powder Puff, a sweet floral zip-top lined on the inside with a charcoal and navy pinstriped cotton. Labang also offers up a few smaller styles complete with dainty kisslocks and flirty, plastic bow closures.

Looks like you've got your date night look in the bag.

Cory Labang clutches are available at Therapy Boutique, Kahala Mall, 4211 Waialae Ave., Honolulu, 808.732.7222.