Pretty Planters from Momo Terrascapes

Start your new year with a natural high.

momo terrascapes

Photo: Courtesy of Momo Terrascapes


So the dust from the holidays has settled, and we’re taking stock. Numbers on the scale? Up. Your house? A disaster. Your pet fish? Um, either sleeping or dead (probably dead). Time to regain control of your life.


It’s not going to happen overnight, so we suggest taking it slow, by eating out less, going for a jog or buying a house plant you’d be hard-pressed to kill. Enter Momo Terrascapes, the adorable family-run shop of succulent and air plant arrangements that are the perfect additions to your fresh start. Not only are these charming, earthy gems made individually with love, they’re some of the most resilient plants out there—which means they’ll stay vibrant and gorgeous even when you forget about them for a few days (or weeks).


Plus, we love the ‘ohana-style story behind the Momo team. Mother and son duo Marilyn and Chase Hamano initially started crafting mini gardens as a hobby. With graphic designer and hypnotherapist Chase having just moved back home from California, and former elementary teacher Marilyn suddenly enjoying the languid life of the retiree, they needed a creative outlet. The first Momo creations were from the wild-growing succulents and air plants in the family’s ‘Aiea backyard, arranged in old dishes that had been sitting in their cupboard for decades.


A knack for charming, woodland aesthetics, with an ikebana-inspired, Asian-informed spirit (yes, the name comes from the Japanese fairy tale Momotaro, the peach boy, which Marilyn read to Chase as a child) made this hobby flourish into a budding biz that’s on the bloom. As for the work itself, we love the sweet details—think upcycled ramen bowls as pots, thoughtfully placed shells and figurines and a mini wooden “Momo,” complete with peach, engraving. But perhaps the best part is how easy these sturdy succulents and air plants make it for commitment-phobes to bring some nature into their homes.


Keep your eyes peeled, because we predict you’ll be seeing these pleasant little pieces more and more as the Hamanos expand their list of retailers. Currently, you can find them at Nui Mono Hawai‘i, Beretania Ko‘olau Farmers, the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa Bookstore and The Wedding Café, but, psst: They’re working on some special Valentine’s Day arrangements that you (and your boo) will love. Check the Momo Terrascapes site at the end of January for details.


Arrangements start at $19.99, Nui Mono Hawai‘i, Beretania Ko‘olau Farmers, the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa Bookstore and The Wedding Café,


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