Pretty in Pink

www.leichic.comIf you want things done right, sometimes you just have to do them yourself.

That’s why Kelley Lilien designed her first son’s birth announcement (it helped that she had a fresh graphic design degree in hand) instead of farming it out to an impersonal card maker.

And when word spread, a new surprise arrived – a booming custom invitation design business she soon named Pink Dot Press. With her baby in a bassinette at her side, Kelley designed her heart out, not only tackling birth announcements but baby showers, grown-up parties and full wedding portfolios – from www.leichic.comsave the date cards to place settings – and for clients not only on O‘ahu, where her business started, but all over the country.

Unlike other stationers who work with set templates, Pink Dot creations are one of a kind and only about you. Even if you like a design in her online portfolio, she’ll use that only as a starting place, so expect follow up phone calls and emails with hundreds of questions to help Kelley form a rounded portrait of your unique story – whether a favorite song, adored color, beloved idol, or a savvy sense of humor.

So personal, it’s almost like you designed it yourself.

Only much, much better. Available online at Pink Dot Press