Pretty Fly

Lei Chic Owl 1: Man, my chick is spending every moment of her free time trying to find unique, locally-made stuff online on Etsy. It's turning her into a total night owl.

Owl 2: Spending hours internet shopping is for the birds! Especially since Pueo Boutique opened in Kona.

Owl 1: Whooo?

Owl 2: Pueo Boutique. It was recently launched by Amy Sheffield, who actually gives a hoot about supporting Hawai‘i designers. The store carries a whole flock of local lines, many of which previously had only online stores or were hard to find on the Big Island.

Owl 1: And she named the boutique after me?

Owl 2: Yes, bird brain! Pueo is the Hawaiian word for owl. And trust me, with finds like Machine Machine recycled fashions, HuluWuwu accessories, Bitty Bambu keiki clothes and Wings Hawaii dresses, this store is totally going to take flight.

Owl 1: Wow, my girl is gonna go cuckoo.

Owl 2: And a little bird told me the boutique will carry Sheffield's own line of super-cute handmade jewelry, called Kona Bead Girl. She makes all kinds of delicate, island-style necklaces and earrings using custom beads by Elementz Designs, yet another Big Island artisan.

Owl 1: Sounds like Pueo Boutique is gonna be a total chick magnet.

Owl 2: You're pretty wise, my feathered friend.

Owl 1: This is definitely worth tweeting about.

Pueo Boutique, 75-5695 Ali‘i Dr., Kailua-Kona. 808.326.2055.