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Noe Undergarments
Photos courtesy: NOE Undergarments

Did you see Jennifer Morrison reveal nearly everything at last night's Billboard Music Awards? Whether you loved or hated her "dress," you gotta to admit, the girl looked good. So good, in fact, we're craving some sexy, peek-a-beau pieces of our own.

Enter NOE Undergarments, a luxe new lingerie line by Kauai natives Bonnie Rae Boyes and Shelah Jean Abubo, now available for pre-order. The 33-year-old twins collaborate via video chat and transpacific flights – Boyes works out of Laguna Beach while Abubo still lives in Hanalei – to create a line filled with clean, structured silhouettes (corseted bodysuits, seamless bralettes, paneled briefs), irresistibly touchable fabrics (silk georgette, tight-weave mesh, Italian lambskin), and delicate details (gold hardware, hand-dyed ombre linings), just begging to be exposed with or without a red carpet.

Below, we uncover the twins' inspirations behind the line. It's time to get intimate.

How did NOE Undergarments get started?
Since we were in our teens, it was our dream of starting a lingerie line. Our stepmom was a classically trained designer and had a lingerie line when we were very young. We love how something so small can create so much emotion to the wearer or to those that see it!

How are your local roots reflected in the design?
Growing up and living on an island has absolutely influenced our overall aesthetic. We kept everything very minimalistic and simple, island-style. We also used a color palette pulled directly from tropical colors – sands (ivories, monochromatic nudes) and bright island sunsets (mandarins, citrines).

What's the concept behind the collection?
The beauty of the collection very much stems from yin and yang. We believe opposites attract. Just as the designs are inspired by simple tropical settings, they're also contradicted with structure and city-esque inspiration of modern lines and bold, sophisticated details. For example, the Alfie Slip (below, left) is very elegant and fluid, yet we mixed in details such as the bold herringbone elastic neckline and dramatic open T-back to add a contemporary expression to the piece.

What makes NOE stand out from other lingerie lines?
NOE Undergarments is a hybrid of classical lingerie, swimwear, sportswear, and structured, ready-to-wear pieces. We purposefully mixed fabrications, trims, and silhouettes you don't normally see in the lingerie world to develop our own style.

What are your favorite pieces from the debut collection?
I love the whole collection, but if I had to choose, probably the Zachary bodysuit (below, center). The neckline and back elastic detail are so chic and unique to our line. You can use it as a base layer for any sheer top or oversized tee or sweater.
BB: My favorite piece is probably the Ryan bustier bra (below, right). I love the structure of the bra and particularly the fit of the underwire cups. It's the perfect piece to wear under tanks and show some sexiness!

$65-$335. Pre-orders made on will be shipped on June 15.

Noe Undergarments