Pow! Wow!  + T Galleria Pop-Up Shop Picks

Here are a couple of shop faves from curator Amy Wong.


We have a confession to make. We are being bullied. This bad guy has been telling us what to do, backing us into a corner and threatening to steal our lunch money. (All right, that last part may not be true.) Worst of all? He's hitting us where it hurts: our sense of style.

No, it's not that mean kid from down the street. The bully is our own closet! With all those last-season separates and ho-hum pieces, we're starting to feel like the only way to get out of this confashiontation is to fight our way out, midi rings bared.

So, we enlisted the help of Amy Wong, curator for Pow! Wow! Hawai‘i's T Galleria "urban style" themed pop-up shop, in which you'll be able to find enough edgy, inspiring street wear from local brands such as Roberta Oaks and Big Bad Wolf (Wong's own label) to breathe a little fight back into any wardrobe. With such kick-ass taste, we knew Wong would be just the femme fatale to give us a few pointers on where to start shopping. Check out her picks here.

Yep, you caught us. We’re trying to start something.

T Galleria Hawaiʻi by DFS, mauka end of the first floor, next to Michael Kors, 931-2700. Pop up runs through June.

1. Capsule wallet
“What I like about this wallet is that it is very simple, with a clean design, and yet very practical for everyday uses, carrying essential credit cards and some bills. I would definitely buy this for men who don't like to tote around wallets. I know a few minimalist guys who don't like the thickness of a wallet so they tend to buy bi-fold wallets, but this is a great substitute.” $85

2. In4mation "Stadium Pack Wave 1 HI" snapback 
“In4mation has been around since 2002 and I've been a fan of it since I could remember. This hat is awesome because it represents Hawai‘i so well. You can wear this anywhere and people from all over the world will know that it is from Hawai‘i. In fact, if they don't know the brand, it could very well mean "hello." Visitors who stop by always say that Hawai‘i has friendly people, so, to me, this hat has many different but relevant meanings. I imagine action-sports fans to sneaker heads to tourists buying this!” $38


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3. YKnot Bowties

“YKnot Bowties actually launched really recently, when the Pow! Wow! Hawai‘i x DFS Pop-Up Shop was being put together. I picked YKnot Bowties because I like the look, patterns and the variety of sizes the bow ties come in. This particular line is based off of Japanese fabrics, which include, but are not limited to, vintage kimonos. They are also made locally. This brand would be ideal for the fashion-forward man who likes to rock bow ties with an aloha shirt, slim cuffed pants and really good sneakers.” $19.99

4. Pow! Wow! Hawai‘i tee
“Pow! Wow! Hawai‘i has been around for five successful years and, I believe, has a strong presence in terms of representing Hawai‘i and putting Hawai‘i on the map as one of the best mural festivals around. The Pow! Wow! Hawai‘i tee is on its way to becoming iconic and a great representation of that, and I love the fact that every year is a new and limited color—this year being gold. I’d say this tee is for those who appreciate art, music, education and the spirit of aloha, whether they are visiting Hawai‘i or already living in paradise.” $28

5. Fitted "Ilahi Tree Camo Slaps Wind" snapback hat 

“I appreciate Fitted because of the brand’s unique mission: to use streetwear as a vehicle to educate people about Hawaiian history. This hat just recently dropped and it caught my attention because of its high quality, functionality, fine details, use of color and the extraordinary thought and care that went into its design. I imagine both men and women rocking this hat—from every generation.” $54.95

6. Pow! Wow! Hawai‘i x Knockaround sunglasses  
“Limited to 1,000 pieces, this is one of my must-haves. The price point is great and the design is even better. I have been buying these sunglasses as gifts for all types of people, as its sleek design matches any type of outfit and personality.” $40