Plexiglass jewelry by B. D'Angelo

Plastic Dreams

Lei Chic Your relationship with plastic? Kind of hit-or-miss.

Hit: new plastic designer shoes that make your feet look amazing, purchased during a whirlwind late night online shopping spree.

Miss: tiny plastic card that funded said shopping spree then charged in with a bank account-draining bill.

You bagged the idea of ever using plastic again… until now.

Introducing B. D'Angelo's new plastic bracelets, available now at Fighting Eel. Designer Marissa Beatrice started working with plexiglass while studying at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in Los Angeles. Now, she hand cuts each strip in her Mililani studio, then sands, drills and forms them into sleek, eye-catching bangles and cuffs.

Feel free to reuse the bangles with a variety of looks; their slim shapes, available in shiny black, translucent white or matte grey with delicate chain details, are super versatile and add an edge to any outfit.

Lei Chic Petite ladies will appreciate B. D'Angelo's thin cuffs accented with a single chain (no surgery needed here, the plastic is molded to fit smaller wrists), while bolder tastes will find inspiration in wide, solid black cuffs.

That's not all. Beatrice recently spent some time in California and returned with an expanded vision for her line. So keep an eye out for new designs later this year, like bold statement pieces and delicate, stackable jewelry hand-carved from wax.

Because you know what they say. Plastic makes perfect.

$76-$82, B. D'Angelo Jewelry available at Fighting Eel, 1133 Bethel St. or by emailing For more information, visit B. D'Angelo on Facebook.