Playing Footsies
Welcome to this week’s episode of I Survived A Nail Salon Mani/Pedi!

Players, today you’ll be going up against the dreaded Smudge-tacle Course, designed especially to smear, nick, and ruin your freshly painted manicure and pedicure. Your challenge is three-fold.

The Footwear Zone: Looks like you left your flip-flops at home. You’ll need to maneuver your newly lacquered tootsies into the ultra-strappy sandals you walked in with.

The Payment Zone: Shucks, you totally forgot to pay up front. Now you’ll have to oh-so-nimbly pick through your wallet to wriggle your credit card free from the stack of plastic.

The Driving Zone: Almost home-free now. But you’ve still got to fish your keys from your purse, tackle the door handle, start the ignition and work the gearshift and foot pedals, all without nicking a nail.

Do you stand a chance of making it through?

Not to fret. A smudge-free zone actually exists right in your own home, thanks to spa veteran Vanessa Henao’s mobile manicure and pedicure service.

While you relax in your own place, Henao will bring the nail salon right to you. She offers basic or deluxe services, and all include cuticle cleaning, nail shaping and buffing, a massage, and of course glossy coats of polish. The deluxe editions add an invigorating citrus or lavender scrub, peppermint foot mask, and hot towel treatment. For an extra charge, you can even get a paraffin treatment, French tips or nail art.

And there’s no racing to the drying time finish.
Which means victory over smudges is at your fingertips.

To schedule an appointment or for more info, call 808.275.7501 or email