Playing Favorites

Inflatable TV from www.openaircinema.usYou used to know all the ways to tell if he was just not that into you.

And a couple giveaways that he was.

First clue: he made you a mix tape.

It was the ultimate love letter. Ten or 20 songs, and each one meant something, or said something. It took time (hours!) to compile the songs, edit the space between tracks, and hand-letter the label.

There’s something a lot less romantic about a playlist.

For old-fashioned romantics, there’s the Mix Tape USB Drive. It’s a flash drive that holds 64MB of music (about an hour’s worth) and comes tucked inside a cassette case that looks just like the real, old-school thing.

Hey Mr. DJ…

The Mix Tape USB is $19.99 plus shipping (from $2.99 for Priority Mail to $14 for overnight delivery). Buy it online  here.