Pint Of No Return

The three-day weekend is approaching, and you’re already brewing up plans to get your buzz on. Here’s a few beer-rific ideas to get you through the weekend, or at least ‘til the keg runs dry.

Hit the Bottle
You may have learned how to brew and bottle your own beer, but now you need a stylin’ way to pry them open. At home, pop your tops with Suck UK’s bottle opener fridge magnet. The stainless steel design looks sleek and artsy, and the super-strong magnet will open any bottle with a quick flip.


The coolest way to crack open a cold one has to be the Reef Fanning slippers. Even at the most impromptu drinking occasion, with nary an opener in sight, your solution is always underfoot.

Or, you can keep your opener, um, handy with the Ring Thing. It’s a bottle opener disguised as a ring, so with a flick of your wrist, you’ll be the star of the bar. Try it out next Wednesday at Bar 35’s weekly House of Brews beer tastings.

Joe Six Pack
Got a suds-loving guy? Maybe you already snagged him the beer hoodie for Christmas, but now that it’s summer, he needs a cooler option. The answer? A beer-dyed tee from Crazy Shirts. Infused with real hops and barley from a local microbrewery, these cotton tees are dyed to the shade of a golden ale.

Or get him a membership into a beer club – you bet your Heiney he’d love it.

Pitcher This
Instead of grabbing the same-ol’ sixer of watery light beer, try something with a little more bite, such as the all natural ales and lagers from Hawai‘i Nui Brewing. Formed from a merger between Mehana and Keoki Brewing, Hawai‘i Nui crafts island-style beers in varieties like the light-bodied Kaua‘i Golden Ale and the bold Hapa Brown Ale, with all production and packaging done locally.

Because a long weekend is too short to fill your cooler with anything but the best craft brews. Especially when everyone else’s is full of Schlitz.