Pick of the Litter

Lei Chic Psst. Wake up. It's 1 p.m.

You're sprawled face down in a random hotel room. You appear to be missing a sequined stiletto. You can't remember anything that happened in the past 18 hours.

And don't freak out, but there's a tiger in the bathroom…

You might want to find a better way to get trashed. Crack an eye open and take a look at Sustainable Coastlines' beach debris earrings. We'll break this down for you.

The organization: Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii, dedicated to keeping Hawaii's beaches safe and clean; founded last April by Kaimuki residents and surfing enthusiasts Louise Shinkoethe and Kahi Pacarro after years of worldy travels opened their eyes to the dangers of marine pollution.

Lei Chic The earrings: Made from weathered bits of crates, bottle caps, strainers and other sea-faring riffraff tossed into the Pacific; collected off Oahu beaches, sorted by color and texture, then assembled into eye-catching accessories.

Where you can get them: At Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii's beach cleanups, like the one happening this weekend along Diamond Head. Bonus – spend a few hours picking up trash and score free food and prizes at the after party at Tiki's Grill & Bar.

Why you should care: Proceeds help fund more cleanups and community awareness projects, like teaching people to reduce their use of plastic bottles or showing kids how to make colorful mosaics out of beach debris.

Consider the earrings a conversation starter that people will appreciate.

Not like that hideous tattoo on your face.

$10-15 per pair, available Sunday at the Diamond Head Beach Cleanup for International Surfing Day. For more information, visit Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii's website and Facebook page.