Petal & Piper's new foldover clutches

Piper Dreams

Lei Chic

It's time we had a serious talk – about pipers.

If they're wearing bright coats and playing catchy tunes, just back away slowly.

If they're covered in super cute fabric and accented with colorful zippers, well then. That's another story entirely.

Follow along as we explore Petal & Piper's new foldover clutches, available exclusively at Olive Boutique.

You've probably seen (and gushed over) Wendy Fragale's original designs: adorable envelope-style clutches stitched together from upholstery or fabric scraps.

Lei Chic
An inside look at the clutches' inner pockets.

Now, the Kailua designer offers a foldover version – a sturdy canvas base covered in printed, textured fabric with a contrasting inner pocket and zipper for an extra pop of color. Its flexible design allowed Fragale to play with thinner fabrics, which means you'll be pawing through more colors and patterns than ever before.

Yes, it's a bit larger. Sure, you can fit more of your essentials inside. And, true to its name, you'll look totally smokin' with it tucked under your arm.

Oh, and if you miss the adorable bows that adorned her previous clutches, don't worry. Fragale is more than willing to make you a custom one.

This is one Piper who'll never let you fall off the style cliff.

$60, available at Olive Boutique, 43 Kihapai St., (808) 263-9919. Custom bows, $5 each, email requests to