Pardon My French

Lei Chic The French. Known for accents, art, and a really long cycling race.

Australians. Known for accents, kangaroos, and Crocodile Dundee.

Put them together and you get: a tanned outdoorsman who says "Sacré bleu!" while riding a bicycle with his pet kangaroo…

…or better yet, Toi et Moi, a French-inspired Australian apparel line with sleek, feminine silhouettes, now available exclusively at Basique Threads.

Toi et Moi (pronounced "twah et mwah") launched in 2009 by Australian designer Gill Lawrence, who fell in love with all things French after meeting her (French) husband and spending long days in Paris immersed in art and culture.

Lei Chic Each piece features an element of classic Parisan street chic, from slim-fitting knit blazers with pinstripe linings to sheer, printed tuxedo blouses. Throw on a striped, peplum cutout dress or a soft, off-the-shoulder destroyed knit sweater and imagine yourself sipping coffee along the Champs-Élysées.

Our pick: a sweet, white art deco-inspired fit and flare dress with defined waistband. Think effortless, casual glamour with a touch of romance.

And in case you were wondering, toi et moi means "you and me" in French.

Or in this case, the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

$94-$120, Toi et Moi, available at Basique Threads, Ward Warehouse. Click here for a lookbook.