Panacea Designs launches exclusive jewelry line for Local Motion

Set in 'Motion'

Panacea Designs for Local Motion

All rise! Today's trial is Lei Chic versus the State of Her Jewelry Box.

Jewelry Box: Members of the jewelry, er, jury, this case is not clear. Just look at it! I'm overflowing with countless rings, necklaces, and bracelets. Conditions are poor, pieces are showing signs of neglect. We need to put a restraining order on Ms. Chic's shopping immediately.

Ms. Chic: Motion to postpone restraining order until I stop by Local Motion, Your Honor.

Judge: On what grounds?

Ms. Chic: On the grounds of Ala Moana Center, Your Honor. The local surf retailer teamed up with jewelry designer Kaylin Laeha of Panacea Designs on an exclusive new line that just arrived in-store. Panacea Designs for Local Motion has a beachy – though still edgy! – influence, like Soul Coordinate gold chain necklaces and leather wrap bracelets anchored by 14k-gold-plated floating bars hand-stamped with "Hawaii" or Oahu's coordinates. Laeha says they're designed to hold up in the ocean and look even better with age, slightly weathered and worn.

Panacea Designs for Local Motion Jewelry Box: Objection! The defense is leading everyone on yet another shopping spree.

Judge: Now, hold on. Ms. Chic, do you have any more evidence to support your claim?

Ms. Chic: A variety of gold studs (triangles hand-stamped with waves, wires twisted into cursive "hi"s), new arrivals from the main line (hand-dyed porcupine quill earrings, signature bar studs, demi rings, hand chains), and, coming soon, brass shark teeth cast by Laeha herself out of melted bullet casings.

Judge: Alright, you may proceed.

On second thought, I'd better go with you.

$25-$65. Panacea Designs for Local Motion is available exclusively at Local Motion in Ala Moana Center, (808) 979-7873. For the latest updates, follow @localmotionhawaii and @panaceadesigns on Instagram. Photos courtesy: Panacea Designs.