Padma & Pickles jewelry now available at Owens & Co.

Rocks to Relish

You used to love showing off your tongue-twister talent, but you've outgrown Peter Piper and his puzzling pickled peppers. Now you’re a Padma & Pickles girl all the way, no matter how you say it.

The local jewelry line, made with gorgeous precious and semi-precious stones and Tahitian pearls, has a new home downtown. Now you can head to the always-adorable Owens & Co. to find modern and romantic pieces designed by Kelsey Nishi. The jewelry is made with materials from all around the world, including mesmerizing, brilliant watermelon tourmaline from Africa. Nishi and Owens & Co. owner Missy Owens’ aesthetics complement each other like burgers and pickles, which translates to some serious eye candy.

“We work together to develop displays, giving the shopper a sense of lifestyle—not just focusing on a specific jewelry piece, but how it fits into their wardrobe and their point of view,” says Nishi. “I want people to imagine what they'll wear with the jewelry and be excited about getting dressed the next day sporting their new gem baby!”

In other words, they’re making it super simple for you, which means more “pretty” and less of being in a “pretty pickle.” Sounds like you just checked “accessorize” off your to-do list, and without even breaking a mental sweat. We like to call that a shopping list no-brainer.

Meanwhile, Pete over there is still trying to figure out what the heck a “peck” is, and where on Earth he put it.

Owens & Co. is located at 1152 Nuuanu Ave., 531-4300.