Pack To Basics

On-board budget for your next flight off the island:

Pillow and blanket: $5
Diet Coke: $2 (they’re not free anymore)
Single-shot bottle of rum: $5 (what the hell, you paid for the Coke)
Headphones to watch movie: $5

Charge for checking first bag: zero

Yep, you’ve finally mastered the art of packing light and squeezed a full trip’s wardrobe into your carry-on bag.

www.leichic.comAnd you have Jodi Salmonson, designer of the new locally produced Martinique Resortwear collection, to thank.

Known for her KariJane Threads line of feminine dresses, Salmonson’s new collection is made just for traveling, with its clean lines and soft sihouettes. There are convertible skirts that double as flowy strapless tops, reversible silk dresses, and tank tops and overshirts that are as appropriate at the dinner table as they are on the beach. Each piece is made from fabrics like bamboo jersey and rayon crepe, meaning wrinkles fall out easily once hung up, even after being crunched up in a bag overnight.

The whole line is made to work together, so that even just three www.leichic.comor four pieces can match up into a whole weekend’s worth of looks.

And all that extra room in your bag that’s now freed up for impulse buys on your trip?

Martinique Resortwear is available at Moonbow Tropics boutiques in the Westin Moana Surfrider (Waikiki) and Kona Village Resort (Kailua-Kona). View the complete collection online at