Over These Wedding Traditions? Ditch ’Em, We Say

Say #byefelicia to these wedding traditions.
Bride and parents
Photo: June Cochran Photography


We love the whole shebang of weddings, from towering cakes to rehearsal dinners to aisles, but we also know that, if you and your S.O. aren’t feeling a certain piece of the package, you should take a minute to reconsider. This day is a special celebration of two unique people, so why let others dictate what you do or don’t do?


Here are a few traditions we’re ready to leave at the door, but follow your heart and select the elements that are right for you and your boo.


The white dress

While a white dress will always hold its appeal, brides are going wild for color lately—with some seriously stunning results. Don’t worry: It doesn’t have to be over-the-top. Whether it’s a sleek, colorblocked black-and-white gown, an icy blue concoction of tulle and chiffon or a delicate blush that fades into an ombre train, the unexpected dash of shade lets the lady’s unique side shine through. Plus, just think of the pictures! Want to twist it up even more? An all-white bridal party with bridesmaids clad like a flock of angels sounds like a classic faux pas—but can end up being downright ethereal.


Not seeing your betrothed before the ceremony

Prone to social butterflies? Yeah, us, too. Now, multiply that by 1,000 and you’ve got an idea of where your mind will be when you appear at the head of the aisle and are confronted with the stares of 100 of your nearest and dearest, not to mention your husband-to-be-omg-you’re-about-to-get-married-breathe-don’t-throw-up. Doing a “first look”  before the ceremony gives you space and privacy to process and enjoy the moment, sans the stress of, you know, the whole getting-married thing. Bonus points: Photos before the ceremony means you don’t have to leave the party to snap your shots. Score!


Being given away by your father

Or, rather, by only your father. While you might not want to take Dad’s special moment away completely, involving Mom is a sweet, modern trend that honors the most important woman in your life. Plus, getting handed over to your hubs-to-be by your pop like a parcel of goods while mom is sidelined smacks of icky patriarchal this-and-thats from yesteryear. Thanks, but no thanks.


A religious officiant

Secular brides, hollah at us! Committing to one person for life in the eyes of God is undeniably beautiful, for sure. If you’re more of a “here on earth” person, though, putting the act of a lifetime in the hands of someone close to your hearts instead of a stranger can be incredibly meaningful. Maybe a wise relative, a close childhood friend who has always kept you on the straight and narrow or a mentor who helped make you into the person you are today. Being guided through your “I do’s” by a kindred spirit to you and your spouse-to-be will be all the more special.


Matchy-matchy bridesmaids

While old-timey brides may have needed extra bridesmaids to serve as decoys in case their clans showed up and tried to kidnap them back (seriously), here in 2017, that’s (hopefully?) not an issue. So why not get creative? Giving your bridesmaids free rein to choose frocks they love and will wear again will be much appreciated. Just give them a few guidelines, including color and basic style. Or orchestrate a mix-and-match palette of gorgeousness that showcases each of your women. We love the idea of blending shades of blush and burgundy, or different textures like beading and lace.