Out of Your Shell


Now that no one’s watching to see if you’re naughty or nice, you can let down your hair and start being impulsive. Start with something harmless, like a spur-of-the-moment purchase from Noelani Designs.

Choose a large, watery-green turquoise drop pendant joined with delicate yet sturdy 14 karat gold-filled or sterling silver chain. Or, one of her luminous abalone and mother of pearl shell earrings, perhaps matched with strands of fresh water pearls or pineapple quartz. If you can’t decide, host a home show to get your friends’ advice, and 20 percent of sales in free jewelry.

Noelani’s hand-crafted pieces are earthy and tropical while still www.leichic.comdelicate and feminine. That means you can wear them at the beach, with your jeans and T-shirt, or out to dinner and never feel out of place.

And that makes one impulse you won’t regret.

Available at Kailua Beach Walk, Valerie Joseph Boutique, Soleil and more. See the list and designs online at www.noelanidesigns.com