Out Of The Loop

You’ve been buckling down on your shopping budget and buying only little extras to spice up what’s already in your closet. Your cozy cardigan already has a lot of miles on it, and you’ve even resorted to slashing your T-shirts . 

So you’ll be happy to meet local designer Dale Coarsey, whose made it a cinch to add a punch of color and fun to your fave jeans or maxi dresses.

Her Hippy Chic belts are hand sewn with embroidered ribbons and solid color fabric that Coarsey sources from all over the world. She’s been crafting the belts for several years, but with her full-time job teaching elementary students at Le Jardin Academy, they were were a sideline gig until this summer, when Kailua’s Flower Child boutique began stocking them.

Each belt is unique and fully reversible, so you can wear either side showing. The adjustable tortoise-shell or hard plastic buckles make for a perfect fit to wrap around flowy dresses or to keep up your low-rider jeans.

Just the thing to lay waist to your wardrobe.

Hippy Chic Belts are available at Flower Child boutique, 41 Kihapai Street, Kailua, 808.263.0288.