Our Garden Collective’s Island-Inspired Apparel and Accessories

Dreamy mugs, breezy tees and a backstory that’s all about rebirth? Love.


When you scratch an itch on your face and smear your lipstick across your cheek.
When you accidentally dump a ton of salt, not sugar, in your coffee.
When you realize this latest Tinder date is a dud with a capital "D."


Sometime you just need to throw it all, as Bey would say, to the left. Give yourself a clean slate. Start over from scratch. For Keri Kubota, it wasn’t so much a matter of boys or beauty blunders—it was all business. When she ran into trademark issues with her new apparel, accessories and art brand and had to clean out her inventory and shut down shop, she was heartbroken. Time, she thought, to take a breather and start over.


A couple-month-long trip on the inspiration train later and Kubota is gearing up to get back in the game with Our Garden Collective, an amalgam of Kubota’s creations that includes poster prints, phone cases, mugs, coasters, jewelry and apparel inspired by her Hawaiian home and the ocean. Kubota’s got a clear vision for her brand’s rebirth: Inspire happiness. If that means lush and serene tropical imagery, lounge-able tees with positive and perky messages, and layerable baubles with a Zen, boho vibe, she’s on the right track.


Kubota’s starting things off June 1 with a small selection of pieces that laid-back Island-style-lovers will want to snap up: We love the pretty photos of palms that pepper her mugs and coasters, the chunky, raw-look gems in her necklaces and her sweet “The Sea and Me” minimal tee. Each of Kubota’s pieces will be available for a limited time and she’ll continue to release new products throughout the year, with plans to collaborate with artists on nautical-inspired creations. Until then, look for her website to go live on June 1 or check her pieces out at Ward Village Shops’ Eden in Love for a trunk show from June 3 through 15.


Do over? Don’t mind if we do.


ourgardencollective.com. Products range from $8–$30.