Our Fare City

www.leichic.comThere’s only so much you can figure out about a restaurant from looking at the menu or their professionally styled food photos.

And it’s often not the answer to your real question: Am I going to have a good meal and experience at this place?

For that, you need an expert source. A friend who eats out every night. Someone who knows the best dishes to order just about everywhere, and which places to flat-out avoid.

Let us introduce you to Stanley Ehara. He’s the regular joe behind the food blog AkuEats.com, and he’s just compiled his years of restaurant knowledge into a comprehensive book about eating on O‘ahu.

The book, "Island Flavors," covers more than 500 restaurants, and the write-ups are more like rundowns of what you’ll find when you visit than true reviews.  Ehara gives the inside scoop on special recipes, chef’s favorite dishes, and what he personally ate and liked (or didn’t like). Plus, there are lots of big, crisp photos of the dishes you’ll actually be served, taken right at the table.

Now that’s what you call reality bites.

Island Flavors arrives in local bookstores this week. Or order online at www.akueats.com.