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Cleaning tips from Simply Organized

Lei Chic Uh-oh. Your girlfriends are debating where to hold their Bachelorette marathon viewing party, and they're all looking at you. Quick, which excuse haven't you used yet?

I've got out-of-town guests. I'm in the middle of renovations. The fumigator's coming. I forgot to pay the electric bill.

You refuse to tell them your slob story – one look at your disaster of an apartment and they'll be forced to nominate you for the next episode of Hoarders.

Quit messing around. Here are five easy tips you can actually take a shine to, courtesy of Simply Organized. The locally-owned business celebrates the grand opening of its second store in Kahala Mall today.

So stock up on storage essentials in one clean sweep.

And finally show your friends you have nothing to Tide.

Lei Chic Tip: Conquer your mountain of shoes by storing them in clear, stackable plastic containers to keep them in shape and dust-free. If you have more shoes than boxes, consider whether the pairs you can't put in boxes are worth keeping.
Try: Drop-Front Shoe Boxes ($9.99 women's, $11.99 men's) let you grab the shoes you want without unstacking your entire collection.
Lei Chic Tip: Don't stick to the label; storage items can be used in a number of creative ways.
Try: Use 24-pocket plastic ($14.99) or canvas ($19.99) shoe bags to store jewelry, stray cords, Barbie dolls, school supplies or even grow your own herb garden. Or use a tie rack to hang necklaces, keys, scarves and belts.
Lei Chic Tip: Tackle your "junk" drawer by dumping out its contents and leaving them on the side. When you use an item, put it back in the drawer. After a month, throw out anything you didn't return to the drawer.
Try: Keep essential items in place with dividers, like bamboo custom fit drawer dividers ($19.99 for set of 2), and organizer sets. Don't limit your search to one area – look through Simply Organized's closet, desk and kitchen sections for shallow boxes and trays that can be used in all rooms.
Lei Chic Tip: Regain control of your bathroom with containers that keep everyday beauty tools within easy reach.
Try: MagnaPods magnetic cosmetic organizers ($10.99) that stick to the back of your medicine cabinet. Fill it with mascara, lipsticks and powder for last-minute touch-ups. Or put a hair dryer and flat iron holder ($26.99) beside the sink to avoid tangled cords.
Lei Chic Tip: Put your unwanted clothes, bags and shoes into a black garbage bag, so you won't be tempted to "reclaim" any of the items inside. If you have a hard time letting go, set the bag aside for three months, then send it off to a charitable organization – without opening it.
Try: For a more attractive look, store your bag in a jumbo canvas storage box ($19.99). Attach a luggage tag to the front with the label "For Donation." After you get rid of the bag, reuse the box to store off-season items – just switch out the luggage tag label.

Simply Organized is now open at Kahala Mall. From now through June 3, receive a free gift with purchase, while supplies last. Gifts change daily. For more information, visit Simply Organized's website or its original Kapolei store at 889 Kamokila Blvd.