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www.leichic.com There’s the dining room you’ve never eaten in. The garage you’ve never parked in. And the storage unit that costs nearly as much as your rent – and unlike your house, it’s air conditioned.

You really have nowhere else to stuff your stuff.

Call Kelly Galvin, of Organized in Paradise . She can size up your space, help you find a place for everything and work out a plan to always keep your things put away. Whether you have an overflowing closet, a jumbled home office or an overflowing garage, Galvin will help you see order in the chaos.

She brings a mathematical sensibility to organizing projects – space needs to increase or stuff needs to decrease –  and she has numerous solutions for Hawaii-style homes with no typical storehouses for excess stuff, like attics, basements or closed garages.

And, unlike most organizers, she won’t suggest you throw away your favorite, sentimental things. Focus on the things you love, that you want to keep and have around you right now, and it will be obvious what needs to go, she says.

With organizing assessments that cost as little as $150, you can conquer your clutter.

No more messing around.

Organized in Paradise , 808.221.9153, www.organizedinparadise.com