Opposites Attract: Bliss Lau Dreams Up a Collection of Gorgeous Modern Talismans

Design, like life, is about balance. Few know this better than jewelry designer Bliss Lau, who delves into the delicate interplay of light and dark, beginnings and endings, with Life, an elegant new collection featuring translucent crystal quartz and rare black jade.
Bliss Lau necklaces
Brevity Small crystal quartz pendant with Halo 18K yellow gold 16-inch chain, $1,285, Brevity Large crystal quartz pendant with Halo 18K yellow gold 26-inch chain, $2,038.
photos: ellinor stigle, courtesy of bliss lau


Released this winter, the collection is Lau’s most personal to date. “This is the first autobiographical collection I’ve ever made,” she says. The timing is no coincidence—in 2018, the designer experienced both the loss of her father and the birth of her first child, a daughter she named Soa. “It gave me a really profound idea of the cycle of life,” she says.

  Brevity black jade

Brevity black jade bracelet, $2,799. Brevity crystal quartz bracelet, custom order, price upon request. Halo 18K yellow gold 16-inch chain, $815. Halo 18K yellow gold 26-inch chain, $1,015.


For the collection’s striking Brevity bracelet, Lau trimmed the jade and crystal quartz with recycled 18K yellow gold, opting for a bangle style to maximize contact with the wrist. Jade’s energy is thought to bring harmony to the wearer as it touches the skin. Lau’s sleek jet-black version, ethically mined in Australia, serves as a nod to her Chinese heritage and a remembrance of the people in one’s life who guide and protect, even after they’re gone.

  Black and white


In the same vein, the collection’s Brevity pendant, strung on 18K gold cable and box chains, sits just above the heart. Lau wore the crystal quartz version every day while pregnant as well as while giving birth. The glimmering mineral is believed to absorb the wearer’s energy and provide healing. For Lau, it symbolizes growth and newness. “Any time you’re doing something new, there’s a palpable excitement,” she says. “What if you could bottle it up and go back to it 10 years later? Now I get to keep that moment in the necklace.”


Available at blisslau.com.