Open spaces and hidden corners in Manoa Manor

Most people drive along East Manoa Road just to get to Manoa Marketplace, so they often miss some really charming homes on the other side of the same area. If you take the left fork upon entering Manoa, you’ll find some interesting designs and architecture, mostly on older homes.

One of these homes on Manoa Road is for sale, so I took a quick look last week and was pleasantly surprised. On the outside, it has a grand façade reminiscent of a bygone era, with a red brick porch and two dramatic pillars at the front door. It resembles many older mansions in the area, but the layout makes you wonder what the original thought was behind it-and gives you ideas on how you might end up using it. (Click here for details.)

The first two things you see when you enter are the stairs leading to the second level, and a full bathroom. (Click here to see my video tour to get a better idea.) The bathroom is renovated and opens straight through to the back room, but you can turn left instead and go into the large living room and dining room.

All three rooms are open and adjacent, so you could entertain with no problem. But just outside these rooms is a covered flagstone patio and an enclosed recreation room. You could almost have a separate party (or a place to keep the kids)-it’s removed enough to function independently, but close enough to be in the line of sight from the main house.

Right next to the rec room is a separate studio cottage with a full bath and kitchenette, and its own entry from the front yard. Again, close enough to everything to be part of the action, but just separate enough if you don’t want it to be.

Upstairs, the three bedrooms are in a cute cluster with one bathroom. It’s definitely an older design, but nicely renovated to offer modern ambiance. Overall, the living area spans 2,437 square feet, but it feels like quite a bit more because of the way it’s all laid out.

Money talk: $1,299,000 fee simple
Contact: Reine Ah Moo, Prudential Locations, 808-343-4204,