Open house pick of the week: Hawaiki Tower

Since the next two days are holidays, we’re getting a jump start on shopping…for open houses, that is. If you’re one of the crazy people who stands in line from Thanksgiving Day to get Black Friday bargains, you may want to consider living close to the mall.

Hawaiki Tower is one of the two condos that are literally two minutes and 33 seconds away from Ala Moana Center, walking (depending on the stoplight). You don’t have to fight for parking, although you probably want to drive if you’re planning to haul all of your holiday deals home.

Here’s a one-bedroom, one-bathroom unit in Hawaiki—the only “01” unit available in the entire building. It’s 34 stories up, so you get a great view of the city below (and of the ocean between buildings). Compared to most one-bedroom units in Honolulu, it’s quite large, spanning 842 square feet. (Click here for details.)

“It’s an excellent building to live in, but to invest in, as well,” says Jacob Coash of Sachi Hawaii Pacific Century Properties. “It’s very popular with Japanese nationals on vacation, who rent the units for a month at a time.

“Maintenance fees are also relatively low—$443 per month for this unit—so it’s also popular with locals,” Coash adds.

This unit also features upgrades including some custom cabinetry, lighting and ceiling fans.

Happy house hunting, and have a happy Thanksgiving!

Money talk: $620,000 fee simple
Contact: Sachiyo Braden, Sachi Hawaii Pacific Century Properties, 808-596-8801,