One Hundred Years: Giving Then and Now, for the Future

(Sponsored) As its centennial year draws to a close, the Hawai‘i Community Foundation looks forward to the next hundred years.
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In celebration of HCF’s Centennial Hawai‘i’s Slam Poet Laureate Kealoha offered his poem Our Legacy with these opening words 


there is this delicate dance we have with

finances, resources, and our time

with what we choose to focus our energy and our minds on during our lives…


ADr. Davidt Hawai‘i Community Foundation,  we stand on the shoulders of giants, preserving, protecting, continuing, and enhancing the legacy left by the ali‘i and the many generations that followed — leaders who mastered that delicate dance for the betterment of the community we share. 


Hawai‘i’s people care deeply and give generously, like the scholarships established by Jon and Eleyne Fia for students of Campbell and Waipahu high schools, and the one established by seamstress Eileen Hamada so that generations of fashion designers could follow their dreams. Hawai‘i middle school students are better focused and on-track, thanks to the
generous donors to the Connecting for Success program. From PBS Hawai‘i to the Hawaiian Humane Society to Hospice Hawai‘i, the tremendous legacy left by Jack and Marie Lord continues the good works so valued in the state they so loved.


As our centennial year draws to a close, we look to the next hundred years, redefining our role in the community so we can do more, reach further, dig deeper. It is the caring for others that binds our communities together. Our philanthropic history grounds our aloha spirit. At HCF, it’s our mission to amplify that power of giving, paving the way so those doing that delicate dance can reach further, do more. 




Kealoha’s Our Legacy closes


 . . . after time they all fade away

and the only thing that remains

the only thing that stands a chance to stick around long after we’re gone is what we stood for. 


FamilyWhat will you stand for? 

As we begin anew in 2017, we hope you’ll join the Fias, Eileen, the Lords, and so many others by identifying your passion and leaving the community better than you found it, leaving a legacy for what you stood for. 


Did You Know:

Hawai‘i Community Foundation is made up of more than 1,000 individuals, families, and businesses who are committed to creating a better Hawai‘i through their philanthropy. 



Let HCF help you make a year-end gift. Contact: Eric La‘a, or 566-5557.




“The ali‘i trusts, create by a sense of kuleana and responsibility for the people set our state’s course. The missionaries, the immigrant communities, the business communities, and the rich tapestry of kama‘āina born over the decades navigated by their shining star, each generation made better by this generosity and foresight.” —Micah Kāne, President & COO, Hawaii Community Foundation


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