One Door Closes, Adore Opens

The only word for your bedroom is jam-packed. Every drawer, closet corner, and even the laundry basket are full. Tees and tanks seem to multiply daily like Gremlins.

If you’re going to cram anything else in there, it’s got to be something worthy. Not more fancy-frilly, on-again-off-agains, but outerwear worthy of attention.

So adios Morgan Beret (nothing personal—and they’ve just moved to Ward, by the way). And hello Adore. Opened early February in the same Kahala Mall location, this boutique strives to do it all – become a storehouse of sophisticated garments for women of any

age, in styles everyone will worship.

To create this broad appeal, they blend co-owner Tasha Matsubara’s edgy, urban style with co-owner Mayumi Villatora’s more traditional feminine tastes, and import hot mainland designer clothes, handbags and accessories. Among them are impeccably fitting David Kahn jeans, one-of-a-kind romantic gems from Morphine Generation, and celebrity it-wear Brokedown and Omni Peace, in addition to private label tees and tops.

So add one more to the list of things worth having.

And start making room.

Adore, Kahala Mall, floor level next to T&C, 808.737.0608