One Day Wonders

www.leichic.comYou’re known for being a quick change artist – you easily freshen up last season’s outfit with new accessories, and you switch up your ‘do with a quick blow-dry trick. But when it comes to your pad, you’re stuck in a rut. That same old floor plan needs a serious shakeup, and fast.

Designer for a Day can help. In a matter of hours, professional interior designers Jean Wall and Joan Robinson-Whitaker will transform your space, simply by rearranging the furniture, art and decorations that you already own.

They’ll analyze your style and needs, then revamp your room using your existing décor as much as possible. If you like, they’ll shop for new accessories within your budget, or, if you’re short on cash and furnishings, they can even draw you a floor plan and suggest what to buy in the future.

And you can skip out on all the heavy lifting. Most clients leave in the morning and come back later to be wowed by the results – it’s like leaving This Old House, and returning to House Beautiful.

How’s that for a change of space?

Designer for a Day, 3313 Waialae Ave. #3193, Honolulu. For more info, call 808.486.9191 or 808.737.18886, or visit