Om My God

Promises, promises. I’ll only eat healthy food (wine’s healthy, right?). I’ll exercise, really I will. And I’ll relax more, center myself and look within. Okay, but with so many pressing activities fighting for attention, who has the time?

Koa Yoga will help you win two battles at once, with thoughtfully choreographed practices to develop inner awareness that still deliver a challenging, strengthening workout. Owned by Hatha yoga instructor Leah Distad, who began teaching after Kundalini yoga improved her second pregnancy and birth, Koa’s cozy, mirrorless space offers a range of classes and variations to make yoga accessible to all.

Beginners can start with a gentle class to learn building blocks and coordinate breath and movement, with special guidance from instructors. Vinyasa Flow is also a good starting place, beginning with meditation and flowing through a series of balancing postures. Powerflow, with meditation, pranayama breathing and sun salutations through to a more intense flow of standing and balancing poses will command focus and leave little room for outside thought. And Kids Yoga for ages 3 to 7, is designed as a series of fun poses, including a rest and fresh fruit or veggie snack.

Soon you’ll be stronger, inside and out.


Koa Yoga, 35 Kainehe Street #105, Kailua, O‘ahu. 808.780.8544

UPDATE (SPRING 2010): Koa Yoga has closed. Owner Leah Distad still teaches a monthly full moon yoga class on Lanikai beach. For dates and to sign up, contact Distad at the number above.