Om Girls 
As we begin our sun salutations, let your mind focus only on pure, beautiful thoughts, such as Hawaii’s newest jewelry line, Becky.Brynne.

Now take a deep breath, and imagine perfect harmony: a yoga instructor collaborates with her mother, a jewelry maker, to create the Om Shanti collection, a line of adornments inspired by the poses and philosophies of yoga.

Guide your thoughts to the Dhanurasana earrings, which are inspired by the shape of the bow pose. Notice how the beautifully crafted sterling silver bow balances delicately on the chain, while the colorful gemstone resonates soothing energy. 

Now, gently relax your arms and hands, and imagine them adorned with the Om Shanti Peace bracelet and rings. Meditate on the inscriptions inside of these jewels: Om. Shanti. Peace.

Now slowly transfer your awareness to the Om necklace, a gracefully sculpted Sanskrit symbol, topped by a gemstone set in gold.

As we settle into savasana, our relaxation pose, clear your mind of any distractions, and ponder only whether to order your pieces in sterling silver or 14-karat gold, and if you’ll choose embellishments of topaz, peridot, amethyst or garnet.

You may notice a deep sense of inner wellness and enlightenment. Just go with the flow. 


Becky.Brynne jewelry is available online at